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BNFL – Nuclear Waste Flask Storage Yokes

Not only can Craven Concrete work fast but can work accurately as well. When we got details from BNFL of some yokes that were needed to store nuclear waste flasks our first reaction was ‘tricky but possible’. By the time we got the final drawings we had tolerances of +/- 0.5mm.

As you can see from the photograph, making the moulds for something this shape to the tolerances specified was no easy task. Every unit had to be checked individually for accuracy and out of nearly 2000 units we did not have one reject.

Fertiliser Solutions Ltd – Middlesbrough

Craven Concrete manufactured and erected a free-standing storage bunker 27 metres (88′) long, 48 metres (157′) wide & 6 metres (20′) high split with 3 double loading walls into 4 storage bunkers. The bunkers are now used for storing fertiliser. The support frames were designed by our consulting engineer to suit the prestressed panels we already manufactured. As you can see in the photographs the finished bunkers look pretty impressive.

Special Products
Special Products
Special Products

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