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Cattle Slats
Cattle Slats
Cattle Slats

Cattle Slats are manufactured from reinforced concrete, using the semi-dry cast method. They are much stronger and easier to lay than traditional single slats, but do require laying on a mortar bed to prevent them from rocking. They are a cheaper and more durable alternative to steel slats and due to their flat, smooth top surface they are better for cows to walk on and minimises damage to their feet.

Cattle slats are designed for use above slurry channels and underground tanks and are also used as part of a suspended floor system. They are available in various sizes and strengths to accommodate heavy farm traffic. We also manufacture beams to suit our range of slats.

Manhole Slats

Concrete Support Beams

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2 & 4 tonne axle load 800mm (2’7.5”) wide 150mm (6”) thick 

3’ 7.5”5’ 9”6’ 7”7’ 2.5”8’ 2.5”9’ 0”9’ 10”

2 & 4 tonne axle load 800mm (2’7.5”) wide 175mm (7”) thick

11’ 6”to12’ 0”

6 tonne axle load 760mm (2’ 6”) wide 175mm (7”) thick

6’ 7”7’ 2.5”8’  2.5”9’ 0”9’ 10”

2, 4 & 6 tonne axle load 1220mm (4’0”) wide 250mm (10”) thick

Lengths up to 4878mm (16’0”)